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Frequently Asked Questions

What is K9  Hydro Rehab & Conditioning?    

K9 Hydro Rehab & Conditioning is a dedicated hydrotherapy centre for dogs. We provide a safe, calm and comfortable environment for our canine friends to help them recover from injury, alleviate pain and discomfort caused by medical conditions, lose a few kilos if they've become a little too cuddly, exercise in an enjoyable and controlled manner,  plus so much more!


What should I bring to my dog's hydrotherapy session?    

We recommend bringing your dog's favourite towel. If your doggo is toy orientated, you're more than welcome to bring their favourite toy - make sure it's ok to get wet! We love giving treats here at K9 Hydro Rehab & Conditioning but if your doggo has specific dietary requirements, please let us know what they can have or bring some treats from home. We have some dogs who love carrots and others who love their home cooked meatballs!     


What types of dogs can benefit from hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for most dogs, including those recovering from surgery, suffering from arthritis or joint pain and those with mobility issues. It can also be beneficial for overweight dogs, those who need

to increase their fitness levels and also puppies right through to our beloved seniors! Hydrotherapy is also beneficial for conditioning so if you have healthy but very active dogs, working dogs, show dogs or high energy dogs, hydrotherapy is a fantastic therapy for these guys too!


What services do K9 Hydro Rehab & Conditioning provide?
K9 Hydro Rehab & Conditioning provides individualised, specific programs tailored to your dog. Just like us humans, our doggos are all different so every session is reassessed, re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly to how your dog has been since their last hydro session as well as how they are on the day of the treatment.

How do I know that my dog will be in safe hands?

Here at K9 Hydro Rehab & Conditioning, we do one-on-one sessions with a fully trained hydrotherapist who is fully qualified in both underwater treadmill and pool exercises. Some dogs will only ever use the underwater treadmill, some dogs will only swim but sometimes, we have dogs who do a combination of the two. Every dog is assessed before they go into the water. Our hydrotherapist treats all her doggo patients as if they were her own so you'll be in very safe hands! As well as being fully qualified, we are also Practitioner Members with ACRA - the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association.

 Is it safe for dogs to swim in a chlorinated pool?
As long as your doggo doesn't have an allergy to chlorine, yes,  it's safe for dogs to swim in. We monitor the water carefully to ensure a safe, clean and comfortable environment for your dog. We do regular third party tests as well as our own daily checks.

My dog loves people but not other animals - will we be surrounded by other dogs?

We operate a very calm and stress free environment for all of the doggos who we're lucky to meet so we allow plenty of time between appointments to keep interactions as minimal as possible. It's rare that you'll see another dog when you visit as the comfort of your dog is our utmost priority!

My dog hates the water, is it worth still trying hydro?

Don't worry, not all dogs like the water but we have ways to make it fun for them and to also help them feel safe. It just takes a little patience and perseverance. We've helped dogs who have hated the water but they love doing hydro!

My dog has skin allergies, can we still do hydrotherapy?

We have a lot of dogs who come to see us who have skin allergies or conditions so I recommend showering them thoroughly as soon as they get out of the water. I have a Vitamin C shower which neutralises 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines! It has fantastic benefits for skin and fur - we even have doggo patients who don't have skin issues but love a Vitamin C shower! 

My dog is old, will it be too exhausting for them?

The oldest dog we treat is 16 years young! He doesn't move like he used to but the great thing about hydrotherapy is that it's extremely gentle. We work within your beautiful doggo's capabilities as each session is re-evaluated before we even get into the water. You'll be amazed at what they can do in the water compared to the land.

K9 Hydro Rehab and Conditioning

K9 Hydro Rehab


K9 Hydro Rehab and Conditioning
K9 Hydro Rehab and Conditioning
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